Pilgrim Studio Distribution offers high end audio equipment for discerning recording, mixing & mastering studios.

Microphones: Pearl, Milab

Microphone Preamplifiers: Acousence

Analog to Digital Converters: Acousence

Digital to Analog Converters: Acousence

Digital Isolators: Acousence

Digital Monitor Matrix: Acousence


Die hervorragenden Mikrofone von Pearl und Milab aus Schweden sind ab sofort im Vertrieb von Pilgrim Studio Distribution.


The exceptional microphone line from Pearl and Milab of Sweden are now distrubted by Pilgrim Studio Distribution.


Der 19" ADDA-Wandler und Mikrofon Vorverstärker arfi-adda191 reference von Acousence ist ab sofort in der Schweiz als Demogerät verfügbar.


Acousence's 19" arfi-adda191 reference is now available as a test unit within Switzerland.

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