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Milab VIP-60

Multipattern Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

37 years after the introduction of its predecessor, the brand new VIP-60 boasts an updated capsule and optimized circuitry to bring the sound of the classic VIP-50 into the 21st century.

How do you reinvigorate an iconic microphone without losing the “magic” in the process?

The Milab R&D team used a careful and meticulous approach which included an 18-month testing period with feedback from a number of highly skilled engineers in Sweden, Germany, the UK and the US. The result is a microphone with a superior performance when compared to its predecessor – most notably a significant reduction in self-noise – but fans of the VIP-50 will still recognize the unique sound with its ribbon-like warmth and sparkly highs – and, of course, the extremely smooth off-axis response.

“A well-judged update to a cult classic, delivering improved technical performance without compromising the sound that Milab devotees know and love.” – Sound on Sound

This is a microphone that has been designed to be the crown jewel of any studio, and it has the sparkly Nextel metallic finish to prove it. The VIP-60 will not only be the champion of the vocal booth, but will also do a beautiful job on many other sources. The unusual 500 and 200 Hz roll-off filters are useful for dealing with the proximity effect when close-miking sources like a guitar amp or a double bass.

The VIP-60 offers five different polar patterns and a selection of filters and pre-attenuation pads. It is delivered in an SKB 3i waterproof case with a Rycote InVision USM shockmount. Factory matched pairs are available.

“The descriptive word I keep flashing on is intimate — especially on vocals, where it sounds like there is nothing between the singer and the mic, or when in a good room, nothing around the singer and the mic. All this to say, the VIP-60 is a gorgeously silky smooth and present vocal mic.“ – Recording Magazine

Package includes: Rycote USM shockmount and an individual frequency graph.

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Milab VIP-50

Multipattern Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

Probably the most recognizable Milab model ever produced. A classic vocal microphone found in recording studios all over the world.

“I can tell you there’s only one mic that’s come out in the last decade which is truly remarkable, and that’s the Milab VIP-50. […] I used it on Ray Charles on “I’ll Be Good to You” in “Back on The Block”. He came into the studio right after the tracking and said: What mic is that? I have to have one!” – Five-time Grammy Award winner Bruce Swedien

“I cannot remember being so impressed with a microphone.” – Richard Perry, producer (Ray Charles, Rod Stewart, Barbara Streisand)

The VIP-50 is nothing less than a true classic. Built around the Milab 2700 rectangular capsule and developed in the mid 80’s, it has since become the go-to microphone for studio vocals – and many other applications – in studios all over the world. Over the years the VIP-50 has been the chosen vocal microphone on a long list of albums by artists like Michael Jackson, Drake, Chaka Khan, The Manhattan Transfer, Jeff Buckley, Ray Charles, Tori Amos, Gino Vannelli and many others.

The VIP-50 offers five different polar patterns and a selection of filters and pre-attenuation pads. It is delivered in an SKB 3i waterproof case with a Rycote InVision USM shockmount.

“Milab managed to get the warmth of an old ribbon mic as well as the pristine top end of a new generation transistor mic into the one microphone. This is a great microphone!” – Gary Lux, engineer (Sting, Manhattan Transfer, Norah Jones, David Bowie)

Package includes: Rycote USM shockmount and an individual frequency graph.

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Milab DC-196

Multipattern Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

A highly compact and versatile microphone offering three different polar patterns, low self-noise and excellent SPL handling.

“Very versatile and refined.” – Sound on Sound

“[The DC-196] shines as a vocal mic, capturing a smooth, detailed and full-bodied sound that belies its small stature.” – AudioTechnology

The DC-196 is a versatile power tool built around the latest version of Milab’s rectangular capsule (the 2900). It offers low noise, selectable patterns (cardioid, omni, bidirectional), excellent SPL handling and an extremely smooth off-axis response – all in a very compact format. In fact, the DC-196 is one of the smallest large-diaphragm microphones ever produced.

The DC-196 shines on transient-rich sources like acoustic instruments and, thanks to the unique properties of the rectangular capsule, it excels in recording situations where a smooth off-axis response is crucial, such as string ensembles and choirs, but also stereo setups like X/Y and Blumlein where large-diaphragm microphones are usually avoided.

A matched pair of DC-196’s will fulfil the needs of even the most demanding recording engineers.

Package includes

* 3227 shockmount
* 3403 windscreen
* Individual frequency chart

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Milab DC-96C

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

The newest version of the classic Milab DC-96. Received stellar reviews and was nominated as "microphone of the year" in Resolution Magazine upon its release.

“Milab’s new mic is a winner. The DC-96C sparkles with clarity on the high end, yet retains the low-end warmth of the DC-96B.” – Tape Op Magazine

“Every now and then a mic crosses my path that really turns my head and frankly blows me away. The DC-96B and C are just such mics… just scary good on everything.” – Recording Magazine

The latest addition to the classic Milab DC family is the DC-96C, a side-addressed large membrane microphone designed mainly for studio work, but also excellent for many live applications.

The original DC-96 was released in the late 1960’s. In 1983, it was replaced by the updated DC-96B which would become one of the most iconic Milab models. The “C”-version has been equipped with Milab’s latest capsule and amplifier technology to make sure that the DC-series remains at the top of the game. In fact, Resolution Magazine said that the Milab DC-96C “is a great example of how a classic design can and should be reinvigorated.”

The DC-96C is suitable for a wide range of applications, including studio vocals, acoustic guitar and piano, hi-hats and overheads, guitar amps and more.

“These mics picked up the body and depth of the soul of the instrument beautifully. […] The low end that the Milabs capture is absolutely stunning as well. There were moments where I couldn’t believe how richly the mic captured the bass of the guitar.” – Recording Hacks

Package includes

* 3127 stand holder
* 3403 windscreen
* Individual frequency chart

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Milab VM-44

Classic Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

The best-selling Milab model is a true workhorse with a transparent sound that excels on transient rich sources like acoustic guitar, piano or drums.

The hand-made small diaphragm condenser capsule is wonderfully transparent and handles fast transients and high frequency content like few, if any, competitors. It has a beautifully straight frequency curve with a presence peak around 10 KHz which makes the VM-44 ideal for almost any sound source, but especially for acoustical instruments where it absolutely shines.

The VM-44 is just as home in a studio as on stage, and thanks to its small size it’s easy to place exactly where you want it without being in the way. The natural sound and discreet appearance have made the VM-44 range very popular among TV studios around the world.

The -12 dB pad ensures high SPL handling, and if cardioid is not the pickup pattern you need, the front is easily unscrewed in a few seconds and can be replaced by an omni or a supercardioid capsule.

In a 2009 “blind” shootout in Tape Op Magazine, the VM-44 was chosen as one of the “top picks” out of 91 small diaphragm condensers.

The VM-44 is offered in three different versions, the Classic, the Link and the Gooseneck.

“These are some of my favorite mics in the world and they blow the doors off of some much more famous short body condensers that shall remain nameless because I don’t want to hurt their little electronic feelings.[…] I have found that throwing the pair up on an acoustic guitar will make a grown man cry. Likewise when we used them as a stereo pair as room mics, their results were equally beautiful.” – Grammy and Billboard Award winning producer Aaron Levinson

Package includes

* 3221 shockmount
* 3406 windscreen
* Individual frequency chart

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Milab VM-44 Link

Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

The most compact version of the VM-44 where the amplifier is separated from the capsule by a 3 meter cable (can be ordered to custom lengths).

The VM-44 Link is an “active cable” version of the VM-44 where the capsule and the first stage of the amplifier is separated from the main amplifier by a cable. The standard length is 3 meters (ca 10 feet), but it can be customised. The main amplifier connects directly to an XLR-input with no need for an XLR-cable.

The separation of the amplifier means that the capsule end of the VM-44 Link is extremely compact and light, making it excellent for field recordings, stereo setups or as a discreet podium microphone when used in combination with the TS-44 table stand.

There are currently three different (interchangeable) capsules available for the VM-44 Link: Cardioid, omni and supercardioid.

Package includes

* Stand holder
* 3406 windscreen
* Individual frequency chart

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Milab VM-44 Gooseneck

Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

The gooseneck version of the VM-44 has been designed mainly for podium and conference use. The amplifier fits directly to an XLR-input.

Choose the gooseneck version of the VM-44 for maximum flexibility and control. The gooseneck fits directly to a 3/8″ (male) thread and can be customised in length.

Combine the VM-44 Gooseneck with the TS-84 Table Stand for a quick, robust and shock-resistant setup.

There are currently three different capsules available for the VM-44 Gooseneck: Cardioid, omni and supercardioid.

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Milab SRND 360

Surround Microphone

A single-unit surround system for audophiles, based on a revolutionary technology that produces six separate cardioid channels from only three capsules.

“Tonally, the SRND 360 sounds extremely solid [and] proved fabolous at generating rock-solid imaging when played back in 5.1“ – Resolution Magazine

“Verdict: Mic of the Year!“ – Soundcheck Magazine

The SRND 360 is an innovative, versatile and very compact single-unit surround microphone that records up to six channels simultaneously using only three microphone capsules.

A separate power unit processes the signals from the three Milab 2900 rectangular capsules to create three additional “virtual” capsules in empty space between the physical ones. The result is six cardioids at 60 degree spacing which can be mixed down to a number of different formats, e.g. 5.1, 6.1 or 2.1.

Nothing has been compromised in sound quality to achieve the surround function. The SRND 360 is based on the same capsule and amplifier as the DC-196 and DC-96C, so connecting only one of the capsules turns the SRND 360 into a conventional large-membrane condenser and it will do a wonderful job on vocals, guitars etc.

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Milab LSR-3000

Handheld Condenser Microphone

State-of-the-art vocal condenser for stage use. The outstanding capsule from the Milab VM-44 in a solid brass body built for the road.

“Its transmission characteristics are outstanding, the mic sounds simply fantastic.” – Soundcheck Magazine

“It is simply hard to fail with the vocals” – Monitor Magazine

The LSR-3000 represents the top of the line of Milab’s long heritage of condenser microphones for stage use.

It is an extraordinary microphone for demanding live applications that will capture every subtle detail of the vocal performance. Built around the capsule from the VM-44 system in a body made for a hard life on the road, the LSR-3000 is insensitive to hand noise, has excellent feedback rejection and can handle a staggering 150 dB without audible distortion.

Available in black or nickel.

Package includes

* 3127 Stand holder
* 3402 windscreen
* Individual frequency chart

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Milab BDM-01

Bass Drum Condenser Microphone

A dedicated, no-compromise kick drum condenser microphone that handles a staggering 155 dB.

“It is the master, not the apprentice.“ – Sound on Sound

“Dedicated bass drum mics are relatively commonplace nowadays, but there’s nothing common about the BDM-01. Refined and detailed sounding, […] an impressive addition to the Swedish stable.” – AudioTechnology Magazine

The BDM-01 is a dedicated bass drum microphone that is as equally at home in the studio as on the road. It has been designed in every detail to handle the sound pressure level and specific sonic qualities of the bass drum. The high-end condenser capsule provides excellent attack and HF response, and the frequency curve has been tailored for that perfect bass drum sound. The dynamic range, sensitivity and pop filters are also optimised for the sound and power of the bass drum.

The heart of the microphone is Milab’s handcrafted 21 mm condenser capsule that captures the true sound of the drum with a fullness and attention to detail that is simply superior to a typical dynamic microphone alternative.

Package includes

* 3127 Stand holder
* 3402 windscreen
* Individual frequency chart

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Milab Drum Pack

Microphone Pack For Drums

Arguably the most exclusive microphone kit for drums on the market. Contains 1 x BDM-01 and 7 x VM-44's plus accessories. Delivered in a high quality case.

The Milab Drum Pack is nothing less than a superior high-end solution for micing drums. The bundle contains:

1 x Milab BDM-01 for the bass drum
7 x Milab VM-44 Classic small diaphragm condensers
1 x Milab 3227 rubber shockmount
7 x Milab 3221 rubber shockmounts
1 x 3402 windscreen by Rycote
7 x 3406 windscreens by Rycote
4 x K&M 24030 microphone holders
1 x High quality flight case

The Milab Drum Pack is the ultimate choice for uncompromised sound quality and is just as superb for studio recordings as for stage sound.

The VM-44 Classic is an extremely versatile microphone which means that this bundle will be perfect for many other situations than just micing drums.

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