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Dutch & Dutch 8c

Active Room Matching Monitor

The 8c is measurably among the world's most accurate speakers. It preserves this quality regardless of your listening room. In fact, it utilizes the room's acoustics to elevate its capabilities. This is achieved within an elegant, unassuming, easy to use, all-in-one design.

Besides drivers, the 8c’s small footprint presence holds high-end DACs, amps, subwoofers and a DSP. The system also comes with room matching and streaming capabilities out-of-the-box.

All components match each other perfectly and together deliver a “big sound” at 106 dB continuously from 35 Hz upwards, while keeping the signal-to-noise ratio very high.

The 8c represents our commitment to accuracy and clarity. With its constant directivity from 100Hz upwards and +/-0.5dB frequency response from 35Hz upwards, music can now be experienced exactly as it was intended. Nothing is added, nothing left out.

Experience the sensation of truly accurate music reproduction, hear truth in audio like never before.

The 8c HiFi is the ultimate in audio technology, designed to give you a superior sound experience. Its cardioid constant directivity provide superior sound direction while its streaming and digital sync capabilities bring you crystal-clear audio, perfect for any situation. Enjoy the highest quality sound with 8c HiFi.

A special "Studio" version is available for a lower price, with the possibility of mount brackets. Ask for more info.

The 8c (non-Studio) vailable in black/natural, white/natural, black/black, black/white, white/black, and white/white. The "Studio" version is only available in black or in white. Please specify which version you would like to order.

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